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The Oxford University Video

Toast produced this video for Oxford University’s Eco-Marathon team. The video shows off the technology inside the lightweight racing car. Firstly we filmed the car and team members. Later in post-production, we added a graphic overlay. In addition, this overlay of type and animation provides more information. It lists some of the technology inside the car.


The Shell Eco-Marathon is a yearly competition to find the most energy-efficient vehicle. The competition features different categories of fuel. For instance fuel cells, solar panels, gasoline, diesel and LPG. In further challenges, the vehicles must reach an average speed of 15mph. Various challenges are run throughout the year. The competitions happen worldwide in California, Istanbul, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, London, Johannesburg and Singapore.

Energy efficient

The Oxford University video shows its battery-powered vehicle. The car has a sculpted body shape to help reduce air resistance. Each element of the car’s design is engineered to reduce wasted energy. For example, the tyres have a small cross-section to cut down on rolling resistance. Additionally, the vehicle has a special clutch and power-train which allow for either free-wheeling or regenerative power under braking. Students from Oxford University worked to test the car honing each area for maximum efficiency.

Team Oxford

The Oxford University team worked together with the Energy and Power Group (EPG) of the University of Oxford. Also involved were computer scientists from the Oxford Martin School’s Institute for the Future of Computing. Areas of the vehicle which required development included, in-wheel motors, lightweight carbon fibre chassis and energy storage battery technology.

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