A Morgan Stanley Financial Video Production

Financial Video Production

Morgan Stanley commissioned Toast to produce a corporate video for one of the company’s investment strategy tools, ModelWare. Modelware uses complex financial models to research the background of a company’s financial situation. Investors can use this data when making investment decisions. The finance video was used alongside a traditional printed prospectus and was hosted on Morgan Stanley’s website. Being a financial product the video was aimed at a specific target audience.

HD video production

The finished video was shot entirely on HD and features strong visuals. The moving graphics and animated text were created by our in-house design team. Morgan Stanley wanted the video to use across web exhibitions & credentials. The creative corporate video was shot on location in Canary Wharf and in the Morgan Stanley office.

finance video
financial video production
morgan stanley video

3D motion tracking

The animated ticker symbols were built to interact with the Canary Wharf buildings. The footage was first 3D motion tracked which generated a synthetic camera. This camera was then used in a 3D system to produce animations that matched the HD footage. The Modelware film is one of the many examples of financial video productions that take what could be a dry subject and lift it to another level using a creative concept and strong branded look.

Financial Video Prospectus

Video works brilliantly when promoting complex ideas. The ability to use motion graphics to explain a product or concept makes branded video a powerful tool. Morgan Stanley built a marketing campaign around this financial video production which included printed materials, photography and a microsite to host the information. Whilst the printed prospectus is still needed in heavily regulated sectors video shows the way to the future.

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