Kwil TV Advert

We need to talk about Kevin

The Kevin in question here is our lovely Kwil character “Kevin the robot”. And at the same time perhaps we can have a chat about making a will? It’s often something that’s overlooked or ignored. Kwil is a new online service that simplifies the will-making process.

Online Will writing

The Kwil website is easy to use and has a simple fee structure. The site will guide you through the steps needed to make a legally binding will in minutes. You can even come back later to change things if you do fall out with your evil brother! Kwil takes away the fear many people have in dealing with solicitors.

Making the Kwil TV advert

Kwil asked Toast to find a way to advertise their online will writing service in a fun and entertaining manner. Kwil wanted to feature the step by step process enabled by their website.

Toast used the brilliant creative team The2Rogers to develop concepts for Kwil TV advert; Toast then handled the entire process of filming backplates, 3D motion tracking, character animation and compositing. All the Clearcast approvals and shipping to channels were also handled in-house by Toast.

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