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What can TV advertising do for your business?

When logbook loan company Varooma wanted to boost their sales, they turned to Toast for some snappy loan advertisement ideas. Toast is known for fun DRTV advertising concepts that deliver. Joey Essex, with an impressive 3.59 million social media platform followers was the perfect way to promote Varooma’s loans on TV.

Varooma’s advert differs from traditional car loan advertisements in that the car is doing the loaning. The advert shows a confused Joey Essex struggle to get his head around the fact that his “Smart” car can lend him money. Toast handled creative, production and post-production for the TV loan adverts. Toast also took care of all the regulations needed when advertising a financial service on TV.

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“Dealing with Toast was a pleasure from the first creative meeting to the completion of the project. Their creative ideas and execution provided us with a quality advert which has had a substantial impact on our sales, reputation and visibility.”

Peter Rickenberg CEO, Varooma

Building trust

A considerable benefit of TV advertising is the ability of a campaign to build trust for a company. A company looking to get their loans advertised on TV will need to earn that trust rapidly. The fact that a viewer sees loan adverts alongside well known global brands implies a level of confidence.

Just by running a TV advert, a company can project an established feel even if they are, in reality, a month old startup. Being regulated by the financial conduct authority confers trust, but TV advertising brings added confidence.

TV adverts also have the possibility of making a small regional company into a national brand overnight. With compelling car finance offers, local businesses that take orders online can promote themselves nationally and build a UK business through TV advertising.

Car loan advertisement with Joey Essex
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Celebrity endorsement by Joey Essex

Make an impact

If you’re looking to get your loan adverts noticed and your brand doesn’t have the recognition of the Nike swoosh your TV advert has got to work hard. You’ll need an advert that has an impact. There are some ways to achieve that marketing punch but the most critical factor is to be focused.

Be specific in writing a brief that creatives will use to develop an advertising campaign. At all stages through the process retain that precision and focus. Simple ideas are often the strongest and most memorable.

Boosting sales with TV advertising

When getting your TV loan adverts on air, it’s worth making sure all your business systems are running smoothly. A sudden rush of orders from a well-performing marketing strategy can crash a creaky e-commerce system.

If you’re taking orders by phone, do you have enough lines running and enough staff to answer calls? It’s also an excellent time to make sure your offer is just right. You’ll waste website sign-ups if your loans are advertised on TV, but your interest rate isn’t competitive.

Preparing for your advert to go out

It’s a good idea to run a social media campaign in parallel with your TV advert. A teaser video will build up a social media storm before your ad runs. Social videos often work well as cut-downs of the final TV ad. Another way to tease the commercial is to run a behind the scenes campaign. Everyone loves to see how the magic of TV takes shape.

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