TV Advert – Joey Essex

What a TV advert can do for your business

When log book loan company Varooma wanted to boost their sales which had been mainly built on social media advertising they decided it was time to run a TV Advert. And with Joey Essex commanding an impressive 3.59 million social media followers, it was a no-brainer for Varooma to enlist this celebrity for their first ever TV advert. The advert shows a confused Joey struggle to get his head round the fact that his “Smart” car can lend him money. The idea was conceived, shot and posted at Toast.

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“Dealing with Toast was a pleasure from first creative meeting to completion of the project. Their creative ideas and execution provided us with a quality advert which has had substantial impact on our sales, reputation and visibility.”

Peter Rickenberg CEO, Varooma

The “as seen on TV” effect

Moving up from social media advertising to TV advertising can seem like a huge leap. Buying the media slots for a TV advert can be a large outlay for any company and having to buy the media upfront differs from the online world where campaigns can set daily budgets for spending. TV does however have a great benefit over online advertising, the “as seen on TV” effect. The reason you’ll still see badges on companies websites trumpeting their TV adverts is because TV works. A small company that invests in a TV advert instantly boosts it’s size in the minds of potential customers or new users. The perception that only big brands advertise on TV still holds true and its this belief that makes any company advertising on TV appear to be orders of magnitude larger than they really are.

TV adverts also have the possibility of making a small regional company into a national brand overnight. With easy shipping options a small business that takes orders online can promote themselves nationally and build a UK wide business through TV advertising.

Building trust

Another huge benefit to running a TV advertising campaign is the ability for an advert to build trust for a company. The mere fact that a viewer sees your advert within their regular TV watching and along side well known global brands implies a level of trust that would take years to establish. In fact just by running a TV advert a company can project an established feel even if they are in reality a month old startup.

Joey Essex near Smart car
Joey Essex says Wallop
Celebrity endorsement by Joey Essex

Make an impact

If you’re new to the market and your brand doesn’t quite yet have the recognition of the Nike swoosh your tv advert has got to work hard – straight away. You’ll need an advert that has impact. There are a number of ways to achieve that marketing punch but the most important factor is to be precise. Be precise in writing a brief that creatives will use to develop an ad campaign. Then at all stages through the process retain that precision and focus, this will result in an advert that represents your brand at it’s best and conveys your message to the viewers. Simple ideas are often the strongest and most memorable.

Involving a celebrity in your TV advert

When considering whether to use a celebrity endorsement as part of your marketing strategy there is a question to be answered: is celebrity endorsement right for my brand. Can the correct celebrity be found and would they bring something to the marketing mix that’s currently missing? The next step is to think about a good tie-in between your brand and a celebrity, it could be as simple as the same name. Other approaches to fitting a celebrity into your branding could be the same sensibilities or as we’ve used with Varooma a widely held perception of the celebrity. Having a brainstorming session with people who understand your brand can often throw up some great approaches. Then it’s a matter of finding out who the celebrity’s agent is and approaching them with an initial offer.

Once you have a celebrity onboard you’ll need to deal with all the necessary legals. Then it’s making sure you have brilliant creative. Are you getting the most from using a celebrity? Creating a clever strategy to mesh the celebrity into your brand is about realising more than just the sum of all parts. Whether you choose to retain a celebrity for just print and TV advertising or use the celebrity for a brand ambassador role is a matter of how well that celebrity would perform in a non-scripted environment and your budget.

Boosting sales with a TV advert

Before your TV ad starts running it’s worth making sure all your business systems are running smoothly. A sudden rush of orders from a well performing TV advert can crash a shaky e-commerce system. If you’re taking orders by phone, do you have enough lines running and enough staff to answer calls? It also a good time to make sure you’re offer is just right, a mass of sign-ups to your website are wasted if everyone suddenly realises your offer isn’t competitive.

Preparing for your ad to go out

It’s a good idea to run a social media campaign either in parallel with your TV advert or as a teaser to build up anticipation before your ad runs. Social videos often work well as cut-downs of the final TV ad. Another way to tease the commercial is to run a behind the scenes campaign showing the casting and filming of the TV ad, everyone loves to see how the magic of TV takes shape.

Then all that’s left to do is invite your friends round, order in popcorn and wait for your TV advert to play out on TV, it’s an exciting experience. If you’d like to know more about making a TV advert with Toast please use the button below to contact us.