AluminAid uses Healthcare Animation to promote burn care

When AluminAid wanted to promote their new burn relief products, they came to Toast. Toast produces many healthcare animation videos that encourage sales or educate users.

When explaining medical procedures, devices or concepts, animation is a great medium to use. Firstly it allows for coverage of subjects in great depth. The pace of animation is easily tailored to the viewer. A further benefit of medical animation is its lightness of touch.

Compared to healthcare talking head videos, animation can be playful and engaging without losing the desired tone. Animated videos can add personality to even the driest of subjects. The perfectly planned healthcare animation can cover serious issues in a light and likeable manner.

Simplify complex medical concepts

Entrepreneur Carl Freer conceived the concept for AluminAid. AluminAid uses state of the art aluminium technology to draw the heat away from a burn wound. Using Alunimaids products on a burn can reduce the skin damage caused during a burn event.

AluminAid was keen to produce a range of medical explainer videos showing their diverse product range. The AluminAid range features bandages, plasters and complete kits for use by families.

Why use animation

Medical animation is a great way to explain complex ideas to patients. Doctors can even use animations before seeing a patient. Providing patient education is an excellent use of healthcare animation.

Healthcare professionals can use animation to reinforce information given out during their consultation. Having the time to rewatch a medical video is a great help to concerned patients. Patients often feel rushed during a scheduled appointment. Using animation to reassure a patient takes away some of the worry felt by those using a new drug or procedure.

Healthcare animation can slow things down or even pause important messages to allow time for the received information. Animation can also quickly zoom in on areas inside or outside the body. Using close-ups in live-action footage can look disturbing, healthcare animations can use sympathetic visuals to soften the message.

Animation appeals to a broad audience

Animation excels when producing medical materials for a wide-ranging audience. The ability to use non-gendered and racially diverse characters in a video allows for a broad appeal.

Characters are also a powerful way to discuss difficult themes, such as mental health or abuse.

When used correctly, an animation explainer video can focus the viewer’s mind on the key issues. Marketers can use visuals from the animation in print or digital, the perfect way to make a complete campaign.

Setting the correct tone for a video is essential. Patients want to be reassured that the information they are viewing is reliable. Spending time getting just the right voice-over for an animation project is essential.

Product Marketing Video

Producing an engaging script and finalising the visuals makes it a pleasure to work within the animation process. Toast always starts the process by creating style frames so that clients can see how the final visuals will look.

We then move into the video production phase of the project to produce test animations. Moving tests make sure everyone is happy with how on-screen elements move.

Once the animation is complete, we add any special sound effects needed and record the final voice-over. The video is then complete and ready for delivery.

Healthcare organisations are increasingly turning to animation when promoting their products or services. Healthcare explainers videos work brilliantly when delivered from an iPad. People can engage with the content close-up on the small screen.

Types of videos include

Whether full animation or whiteboard videos, animation is a great way to showcase healthcare companies. Other examples of healthcare animation videos are MOAs. Mode of action videos show the medical properties of a product or procedure. An MOA often details how that interaction works on the body.

The healthcare industry has undoubtedly embraced animation as a medium for delivering its message.

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