Video Production Brief

Toast can help you put together a video brief. A good creative brief is essential for the smooth running of a project.

Video Production Brief

There’s a lot to be said in a video, so for us to work as efficiently as possible we need to know the ins and outs of your business and what you’d like your video to achieve. You may have an idea in mind or want us to come up with an original creative concept, on this page we’ll try to guide you through completing our downloadable video production brief (on the right of this page). Alternatively you can use the quick form at bottom of this page to get us started.

Writing a brief

Using the downloadable briefing document on this page will help you answer the kinds of questions we ask when getting briefed by a client. We’ve included examples to help show you the kind of information we require. At this stage the answers can be fairly flexible and don’t worry if you can’t fill in every section. If you already have an idea or a script written it’s best to send those over before filling in the briefing form. We see pretty quickly whether an idea will work on screen and we can work with you to tailor your ideas for video.

video production brief form

What is your objective?

Be clear about what you want the video to affect. Increase in signups, sales or traffic to your website? Do you have a promotion or some seasonal sales results to aim for? Setting realistic goals for advertising helps us develop a tailored strategic campaign so do let us know. It’s good at this point to know whether a call to action is to be included in the video, do you need the viewer to do something specific as a result of watching the video?

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What video content is needed?

Are you planning to do a range of videos or is the project for a standalone piece only? This helps us get an understanding of the production scope. If we’re planning to do multiple videos, economies of scale can be built into the production phase. We can spread the cost of things like graphics and animations over the range of videos. In this section you can also tell us where the videos are to be played, some social video platforms have specific dimensions which we need to factor in before filming. Often we will structure a project to provide an HD master which can be played on a TV monitor and social media formatted videos that are each tailored to their respective platforms.

Who’s your target audience?

Who would you like the video to be seen by? Employees, stakeholders, an existing demographic or a new one? How much information about these people can you share with us? Put it all in the Video Production Brief.
Are you looking to reinvent your business with a high impact sharable social video or do you want to reaffirm your market position with an emotional brand identity film? Understanding demographics is key to the stylistic choice, it governs everything from scripting to casting and visuals. There is no one size fits all solution in branded content.

What is your core message?

Is there something that makes your company or service stand out? Are you the cheeky new upstart that needs to reflect that position in your video messaging? Or are you a health conscious brand that needs to protect your ethical nature with the right kind of visual appeal. Getting your core message correct can take time but making sure we’re heading in the right direction from the outset can save a lot of wasted time and budget at a later date.

video production brief example

Picking a style

If you have references for videos you like the look of please include them in the video production brief. Having a visual or sound reference can save time in the creative stage as it allows us to rule out certain directions and focus on styles we’ll know will work for you. Having a reference also allows us to have a realistic discussion about budget, if you’d like us to replicate a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster but only have a few ten’s of thousands to do it we’ll need to think creatively about a solution that works. Music is often best picked by choosing a reference and either composing a track in that style or finding a library music track that fits.

What’s your deadline and budget?

Knowing where your final video needs to be delivered at what time is crucial for us to structure a schedule and allocate resources. We’re considerate to all budgetary levels, providing detailed cost analysis for different creative approaches. We work to fixed budgets and we’ll always tell clients whether a change to creative or the briefed project will require more budget before undertaking any work. We know that budget surprises are the last thing a client wants to deal with. Setting a budget can be tricky, we’re sometimes asked to originate creative without any budget constraints, whilst we’re happy to help this usually leads to a client liking the “platinum” idea even though they may only have the resources for a “silver-plated” version. Setting realistic budget ranges before any creative idea is dreamt up always helps.

Other things to include in the video brief?

If your company has a styleguide or particularly officious “brand police” it’s good to know any style constraints before undertaking any creative work. Also if there are a list of mandatory items that must be included in a video please list any in this section.

When handled correctly the briefing phase of any project does make the rest of the production run more smoothly. If you’d like to work with Toast please get in touch, we can help you through any stage of completing the brief.

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