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Toast are leaders in the field of marketing video content. We understand the complexities of placing YouTube adverts and we are experts in video optimisation to get your content noticed. No matter how great your content is it needs to be seen by your target audience. They need to know it exists, and they need to be able to discover it and share it easily. Toast specialise in optimising your video content online. We’re certified “YouTube Partners” who know how to help organise your content & grow your online audience through best optimisation practices. It is crucial that your video content gets high Youtube rankings. YouTube is very similar to Google in the way it works, with its own complex algorithms. The algorithms decide the pecking order in which videos sit in the search results. The owners of well optimised videos which attract many viewers can use the YouTube Partner Programme which enables video owners to make money from their video content.

To ensure you get in front of the right audience and that your content gets noticed and ranks highly we take care to make sure the content we create for you ticks the right SEO boxes.

Video Content Showreel

First of all Toast make sure your videos capture the viewers imagination and keep them watching, that the keywords in titles and descriptions are the right length and that they use the same words people are using when searching. We see that your video content is tagged for the right categories and that your existing YouTube channels, favourites and playlists are optimised to link to your new content so that all your videos are connected and works as hard as it can to promote your brand. We also see to it that your content is easily shareable to the audiences other social sites with the right links for social buttons.

At Toast we always explore the latest platforms, apps and software to give your video content the best possible support in reaching a large and interested audience. Sometimes speed to market is important for certain projects, we know how to advertise on YouTube to promote your video faster than building an audience through video optimisation methods.

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