Animation Video Production

Toast are not only experts in live-action TV ads and online video content. We also have a highly skilled in-house animation team that can bring your ideas to life. From the simplest 2D animation, stop-frame, to the full Hollywood blockbuster CGI. Together we can choose a style that is appropriate for your brand. Often animation is a great and cost-effective way of explaining how something works in a simple and easy to digest format.

Explainer Films

We can also give brands a personality by designing characters that represent your values and animation works incredibly well when you want reach foreign markets where language is an obstacle. We also often recommend infographic animation when there are lots of facts, figures and statistics you need to communicate.

One of the great boons of animation is that it is often timeless. Your characters never age and the backgrounds never date. Animation is perfect when you may have a lot complex ideas or processes to inform your audience about and helps them form an emotional connection with often dry subject matters.

Stop Frame Animation

And animation does not have to be stand alone. Here at Toast we often blend live-action and animation to help your film content pack more of a punch and highlight key messages we want to get across within a film.

3D Animation

The great thing about animation is that there are no boundaries except your imagination. Take any concept, product or service and we have the talent and experience to bring it to life in an engaging and informative way.

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