Animated Explainer Videos

We make animated explainer videos for companies large and small throughout the UK. Explainer Videos are a great way to convey difficult messages smartly and engagingly. The use of an animated 2D style gives the movies a timeless feel which gets around many of the problems involved in live action. Explainer videos are a great way of producing content that needs to translate worldwide. Characters included in the animation can easily be changed to fit the local demographic. Tailoring a layer of subtitles is then easy for each market.Animated explainer videos can have many animation styles ranging from purely a technical flat colour 2D render to a more organic hand-animated style. Picking a look is an essential stage in the animation process. Getting the form correct can make a script come alive on the screen. Often the content of the animation will dictate the animation style. Sometimes the brand guidelines of a company will steer the animation in a specific direction.Adding music to animation is another excellent way to add a sense of fun or drama to an animation. Picking a music track is often a subjective decision, adding different music styles to work in progress animation can be a great way to see if the music and the animation gel together. Sometimes a voice over is needed to deliver critical messages in the animation. Making sure the animation works without music or voice-over is vital as computers can be used with speakers and sound turned off.