Looking for then latest health drink? Want to live a champagne lifestyle without piling on the pounds? Well we may just have the fizz for you…

Skinny Prosecco


Thomson & Scott’s ‘Skinny’ prosecco contains only 67 calories per glass. Even health-fanatic Ellie Goulding is a big fan, with an Instagram message of support saying ‘I’LL TAKE IT’.

Amanda Thomson, the founder, wished to enjoy delicious Prosecco with the benefit of no and low sugar levels so she created Thomson & Scott Skinny – High quality fizz from 0.1g to 7g of sugar per litre. The drink itself comes from the South East facing slopes of the Dolomites, in North East Italy. All the grapes used in the production are organic without the use of use of animal based products during filtration. The Prosecco is vegan, with less than 50% of the usual sugar content. According to stockist Harvey Nicks it’s To taste is “classic Prosecco character of honeysuckle, jasmine and Amalfi lemon on the nose, with a fresh clean and light flavour of crisp green apple and ripe lemons.”

Amanda Thomson recently said “demand has been off the scale. It said something quite significant about the gap we’d discovered in the wine market.”

Millennial wine lovers want top quality but also care what’s in their bottle. Amanda was gobsmacked to discover the amount of sugar in alcoholic drinks whilst sitting her wine exams in Paris. She founded the company with the simple ethos;

“My mission is to be completely open about what we’re drinking and cut sugar where it’s not needed. We’re not counting calories, but we share them for transparency. My mission is for us to drink better and cleaner.”

Skinny Prosecco Bottles


We’ll drink to that. And so Thomson & Scott’s Skinny are our challenger brand of the month.