Who wouldn’t enjoy the promise of the perfect night’s sleep?

Feet in bed feature in a Simba advert


Well, that promise, from challenger brand mattress company Simba, seems to be backed up by the stellar reviews their innovative mattress designs get from their satisfied customers. From developing their own top layer latex “Simbatex” that didn’t trap in heat to extensively testing their mattresses with the respected “Sleep To Live Institute” whose research profiled more than 10 million people and included 180 million body profile data points. And then there’s the revolutionary springs – Simba created springs with one of the world’s leading spring manufacturers to design a unique spring to complement a rolled mattress.
The conical pocket spring Simba developed was the missing ingredient – it meant they solved the secret of the perfect night’s sleep. Simba go the extra mile to create the world’s most advanced mattress.


Samba mattress


Some fun sleep facts –

Sleep is crucial. Sleep deprivation will kill you faster that food deprivation. And less sleep means you feel the need to eat more so you may start piling on the pounds. The average person has four to six dreams a night even if they don’t remember them. Sporty people need more sleep to help their body repair muscles and restore lost energy.

But the great thing about a Simba mattress is that it helps you get quality sleep. And because we spend around 33 percent of our lives asleep then it makers great sense to sleep better to help to live better. Watch out for a Simba advert online or on TV.

As Shakespeare once put it – “We are such stuff as dreams are made on. Our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

Here at Toast we love nothing more than getting out of bed every morning and coming into work with many of the UK’s finest innovative brands. A brand like Simba really help you have that extra spring in your step. So that’s why Simba are our challenger brand of the month.