Now iOS 9 is out in the wild, advertisers are kicking and screaming in panic about the ad blocking support and functionality it brings. Advertisements bring forth huge chunks of revenue, $27.5 billion in the US (for the first half of 2015). Blocking ads hurts an age old model of revenue, but the ad blockers aren’t going to topple the $60+ billion online advertising industry in one fell swoop. The industry is vast, too important and touches too many.

Apple are doing this to hurt Google, who derive a significant portion of their revenue from mobile ads. Apple is serving up ads built-in via apps through their own iAd platform. This means ads will be served up on the device itself, not sites. This will completely change everything.

The industry will continue to be shaken from update to update but the owners of the digital media spaces recognise a need for ad blocking as a response to bad ads. Bad ads are ads that trick you into clicking, inhibit site functionality and/or obscure page content. “Where the heck is that digital slot machine sound coming from?” – as you click through tab after tab.

Ad blocking is going to continue to evolve and be a hot topic. The challenge for the industry is putting people into the state of mind where we want them to be looking and direct them where to look. If you’re fighting ad blockers you’re doing it completely wrong.