Tootle TV Commercial Tootle are a challenger brand looking to shake up the way we sell used cars. Toast produced their first ever TV advert, the commercial is a fun stop frame animation which got the brand noticed. car selling startup is an online platform helping customers find a buyer for their car from a network of hundreds of competing dealers and car buying services. Normally when you sell a car, you’re the one chasing the buyers. turns that idea on its head. Toast’s TV commercial underpins this concept in a fun, quirky way. 

Set in an everyday living room, toy cars career around the room in a race to bid for the seller’s car.

The stop frame animation is by Picturesmith, an East London based team of animators whose philosophy is simply to make well-crafted stories. The process threw us deep into the world of miniatures; from carefully selecting model cars to 3D printing hundreds of figures, which were then individually hand painted. Rigs were used to achieve car stunts, which were subsequently rotoscoped out in post-production.

The music was composed by Tim Arnold, a London based composer known most recently as the first music artist to release a concept album about London’s Soho. This TV campaign is accompanied by a series of radio commercials. Both the radio and TV adverts were bought to life by the brilliant voice of Tony Gardner.

CMO of, Cara Whitehouse said: “ is disrupting a market with deeply ingrained behaviours, and Toast’s creative concept brings the unique benefits of using our platform to life in a clever, engaging and simple way.”

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