Video Production Brief

There’s a lot to be said in thirty seconds or less, so for us to work as smart as possible we need the ins and outs of your business.

You may have an idea in mind already or want us to come up with an original creative concept, on this page we’ll try to answer some common questions you’ll find in a video production brief. All the good stuff to help us streamline your marketing message for global domination (or just nationwide). A video brief overview.

What is your goal?

Be clear about what you want the video to affect. Increase in signups, sales or traffic to your website? Do you have a promotion or some seasonal sales results to aim for? Setting realistic goals for advertising helps us develop a tailored strategic campaign so do let us know.

Who’s your target audience?

Who would you like the video to be seen by? Employees, stakeholders, an existing demographic or a new one? How much information about these people can you share with us? Whack it in the video brief.

Are you looking to reinvent your business with a high impact sharable social video or do you want to reaffirm your market position with an emotional brand identity film?

Understanding demographics is key to the stylistic choice, it governs scripting, casting to visuals and set design. There is no one size fits all solution in video advertising.

What’s your deadline and budget?

Knowing where your final video needs to be at what time is crucial for us to structure a schedule and allocate resources. We’re considerate to all budgetary levels, providing detailed cost analysis for different creative approaches.

Ready to get started?

Sound good? If you’re ready to send us a message with what your full details then right click save the brief form below then pop it back to us at

Video Production